Swing Shift Public Space Attendant

Company Name:
The Inverness Hotel & Conference Center
Job Description
Clean and maintain all items and surfaces in designated areas, ensuring hotel''s standards of cleanliness.
Maintain complete knowledge of and comply with all departmental policies/service procedures/standards.
Maintain complete knowledge of correct maintenance and use of equipment. Use equipment only as intended.
Anticipate guests' needs, respond promptly and acknowledge all guests, however busy and whatever time of day.
Maintain positive guest relations at all times.
Be familiar with all hotel services/features and local attractions/activities to respond to guest inquiries accurately.
Resolve guest complaints, ensuring guest satisfaction.
Monitor and maintain cleanliness, sanitation and organization of assigned work areas
Ensure security of any assigned keys and beeper.
Review assignment sheet and update completed assignments. Check with Supervisor and Housekeeping office for additional assignments throughout the shift.
Review assigned area and complete general removal of any trash or debris.
Stock cleaning carts with designated supplies and equipment.
Maintain cleanliness and organization of closets; remove trash, wipe down shelves/counters; sweep and wax floor; remove non-floor closet items and transport to proper storage areas.
Clean designated areas with proper chemicals, tools and equipment.
Ensure that nothing is stored in stairwells.
Transport any food and beverage trays/items in public areas to service areas.
Check under furniture for debris and remove if present; reposition furniture to correct floor plan.
Inspect condition of all furniture for tears, rips and stains and report damages to Supervisor.
Dust and polish all woodwork.
Remove all dust, debris and foreign particles from upholstered furniture, including crevices and under cushions.
Dust pictures, frames, mirrors, fire extinguisher boxes, exit signs, air vents.
Clean all lamps, light fixtures and light switches; check for proper working condition.
Remove dust, spots and smears from windows, frames and ledges; wash windows as assigned.
Remove dust, grease and smears from house/public phones and reposition properly. Replace soiled/damaged phone books.
Remove dust on drapes weekly and realign to correct position daily.
Inspect condition of planters and plants; remove debris, polish planters.
Remove dust, dirt, marks and fingerprints from doors and door frames.
Remove stains, scuff marks, and dust from baseboards, ledges and corners.
Polish all brass surfaces.
Empty trash containers, ashtrays and ash urns in public areas.
Remove trash; debris and cobwebs from balconies/patios.
Empty vacuum cleaner bags, replace and clean machines.
Remove soil, dirt, soap build-up and hair from public and employee bathroom mirrors, vanities, sinks, toilets/urinals, shower walls, shower curtains and floors.
Replace facial and toilet tissues, paper hand towels, soaps in correct amount and location.
Stock vending machines in public and employee bathrooms.
Sweep front entrance daily.
Sweep and rinse off the pool deck daily.
Remove soiled towels from pool area and return them to Laundry.
Report any damages or maintenance problems to the Supervisor.
Turn over any lost and found items to the Supervisor.
Ensure security of hotel property.
Stock Housekeeping department supplies.
Required Qualifications
Ability to effectively communicate in English both verbal and non-verbal.
Ability to:
perform job functions with attention to detail, speed and accuracy.
prioritize and organize.
be a clear thinker, remaining calm and resolving problems using good judgment.
follow directions thoroughly.
understand guest's service needs.
work cohesively with co-workers as part of a team.
work with minimal supervision.
maintain confidentiality of guest information and pertinent hotel data.
have a strong attention to detail
Must have a valid Oregon Driver''s Licence.
Preferred Qualifications
Position Title: Swing Shift Public Space Attendant
Property: Sunriver Resort
City: Sunriver
State: Oregon
Job Type: Seasonal Full Time
Type of Position: Hourly Position

Don't Be Fooled

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